Vision and self-image

The Careum Foundation works together with its subsidiaries the Careum Educational Centre, the Careum School of Health, Careum Continuing Education and Edubase to promote training in healthcare and social services through innovation and development.


Our vision

As an important learning hub and innovative driving force behind training, Careum is shaping a better future for healthcare – in a way that is networked, impassioned and based on partnership.


Our strategic focus

  • Careum puts all its effort into ensuring health and social matters are integrated into training, care and policies.
  • Careum is establishing a leading centre for health literacy.
  • Careum is embracing digital transformation and is making an impact with practice-oriented digital services and innovations.
  • Together with interested partners, Careum is substantiating a “Health School” network as a forward-looking interprofessional training programme.
  • Careum is more than the sum of its parts within the Group and positions itself as an exemplary and learning organisation with sound health and digital literacy.


Our self-image

As an intellectually, financially and politically independent charitable foundation, Careum initiates and supports developments for a better future for healthcare and always pays attention to the ethical implications involved.

Careum puts the self-determined individual and the focus on their resources at the centre of its work. Those affected and the target groups of our actions participate in our work.

In training and further education, as well as in its own organisation, Careum promotes and demands the ability to work together in an interprofessional, multidisciplinary and networked manner.

For Careum, leadership means both setting an example internally and externally and learning from the best in the world.

Where appropriate, Careum assumes the role of a think tank. Having a broad impact is equally important – we aim to have a significant influence over a broad audience.

Our services and activities for all manner of needs and learning biographies reflect our conviction that learning never stops – not even for us as a learning organisation.

We work in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner.