Guiding principles

What is Careum?

Careum is a non-profit foundation based in Zurich. It promotes training in healthcare and social services.

What is Careum's vision?

Careum stands for interprofessional training to create a democratic and effective healthcare system.

What does Careum do?

Careum supports the transformation of the healthcare system through training programmes and promotes innovation in healthcare training policy. Careum actively seeks relevant solutions, ensures the sustainable implementation of Careum projects and cultivates an international network.

What values does Careum abide by?

Careum is an organisation with an independent outlook – as well as being financially and politically independent – that maintains a liberal attitude and looks beyond disciplinary boundaries.

The seven Careum basic principles

These basic principles determine the way we think and act with regard to the various professions within the healthcare system.


Careum fosters interprofessional collaboration through interdisciplinary educational programmes.

Intersectoral cooperation

Careum brings together healthcare and training policy within a dialogue on issues concerning the future.


Careum cultivates cooperation skills required across all its training programmes.

Patient competence and participation

The perspective of patients and relatives must be an integral part of all training programmes.

Contextual knowledge of health policy

Expertise in relation to the healthcare system must be an integral part of all training programmes.

Technological expertise

The use of new technologies and dealing with the social benefits and consequences of this must be an integral part of all training programmes.

Knowledge management

Systematic management of information and knowledge must be an integral part of all training programmes.